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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is centered on improving the lives of infants, children and their families  by promoting safe and essential environments that will encourage them to prosper and reach their full potential.

Children's Lifetime is designed with leading evidence-based research from clinicians in diverse disciplines. Together seeking impacts on lifelong learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health.

Evidence based science helps us understand the factors that promote or derail healthy development.

Our vision is to elevate the worlds knowledge how supporting and educating parents and caregivers significantly influences the child's development process in the early and middle years of life with lasting impacts on learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health. 

We're here to help you raise happy, healthy kids by providing reliable, up-to-date information to help your family thrive together. Using information from experts that deliver the highest standards of high-impact education.

Parents and caregivers can explore new parenting strategies, address underlying emotional issues, and create long lasting positive changes in their families.

When families face challenges that cause stress and threatening situations it can derail any of us. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, financial instability, complications with our spouse and uncertainty are just a few of the factors that can pile up and overwhelm anyone’s physiological capacity to plan and respond to situations appropriately.

Health and wellness can be negatively impacted. This can negatively influence a child's development process and increase the risk of child neglect.

When caregivers are sensitive and responsive to a young child’s signals and needs, they provide an environment rich in serve and return experiences.  

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