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Join Our Efforts

It Takes a Collective Effort to End Child Abuse 

Several decades of policies and programs have not produced breakthrough outcomes and as a consequence children do not reach their full potential. The abuse and neglect of brain development in the first five years of a child's life is life changing. 

Help Us Achieve Breakthrough Outcomes For Children


Be an advocate for children and families by contacting your elected officials. Let them know that you support policies and programs that promote healthy child development and the prevention of  neglect.


By providing support for the safety and stability of family members, which includes, strengthening family, stable housing, health promotion and illness prevention can all  affect children’s 



Helping parents help themselves

will generate their ability to provide stable, responsive environments for

the children in their care.

"We all have the ability to reduce and prevent child abuse and neglect in the United States. Join our efforts to provide great childhoods for all children. Get involved in any capacity, including mentoring a child or parent, advocating for needed policies, or donating your time to child-serving organizations."  

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